About Us

Investor Guide360.com is the fastest growing financial services information portal in Asia.  Within Pakistan it has become the No.1 Capital Markets Research portal attracting visitors from over 70 countries every month.Investor Guide is evolving into an idea investment company built on principle of utilizing technology to merge financial information, financial literacy, investment banking and social media through integrated online platforms.


Readership of InvestorGuide360.com ranges from general public to CEOs of all corporations, international dignitaries, and heads of intuitions. InvestorGuide360.com helps them in bringing FDI, FPI, and green field investments into the country, resulting in readership from more than 70 countries around the globe, translating into 46 hits per minute.

Key features of the portal include:

  • Complete Coverage of all Financial and Investment News in Pakistan;
  • Financial News from leading International News Agencies on our portal;
  • In-depth Coverage of Capital Markets & Investment Schemes like  National Savings, Banking Schemes, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities & Foreign Exchange Markets;
  • Key Economic Trends & Corporate News impacting your business & investments;
  • Interviews & Special Reports on Investments & Financial Planning;
  • Columns of the leading economists & analysts on alternative investments & much more.


Investor Guide has achieved following milestones:

  • Asia’s Fastest Growing Online Financial Portal
  • Asia’s First Online Social Investing Platform
  • Visitors from more than 70 Countries
  • 95% of Pakistan’s Investment Banks / Brokerage Houses Signed Up
  • Expanding into 6 GCC Countries, Covering all Markets
  • 2,097,408 hits received from all over the world during May 2013
  • 9.2 Million hits received during CY13 to date
  • Research Articles read 4 Million times during CY13 to date

Our Plans

The company plans to immediately expand the scope of financial information services offered by www.investorguide360.com  starting with Pakistan and then penetrating into the GCC financial markets.  Work has already begun and the company has invested heavily into human capital and technology.  It is working on a revolutionary financial portal that is years ahead its time and will be launched in the first half of 2014.

After successful incubation in Pakistan, the portal is expanding into GCC and Asian markets, with the objective to promote the culture of knowledge-based investments through online financial education, guidance, and availability of up-to-date information.

You are requested to direct your all queries at: editor@investorguide360.com

Apart from Advertisements on this site, we also offer Marketing and Investment Consultancy, and can connect you to your desired people.

Thank you.

Baqar Abbas Jafri
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Investor Guide 360